Dispelling the Myth of Absent Black Fathers

*Reblog* A hands-on, Father’s thoughts—- on what it means to be a proud, black role model.

Blair Jarrod

I’d be lying if I didn’t grin or feel a source of pride every time someone complimented me on being a good father or how they admired my relationship with my son. Though I don’t need gratification from anyone, it is a good feeling and quite frankly, it’s important for people to be exposed to positive images of black fathers and their children.  Let the mainstream media tell it, no black fathers are present in their children’s lives. But that is a story for another day. I was at cookout for my fraternity brother’s birthday party when a friend of mine told me he admired my involvement in my son’s life. But what stuck out to me the most was when he ended with, “a lot of black dads aren’t around like that.”

I thought to myself, “I never saw another option.” There really isn’t one. My son is a…

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