Musings of a M.a.d.woman #4

The video I’m sharing demonstrates the “old”? America that certain groups of people are clamoring to uphold. It’s the ideology behind the “Make America Great Again” slogan. Or lunacy. Let me clarify this post by saying that I don’t believe that ALL non-minority individuals think, talk, or behave in a racist manner. Some of the kindest people I know DO NOT look like me or share my cultural values, but a mutual respect still exists. What I am saying is that the behavior demonstrated in this video underscores a “feeling” that many African-Americans experience on a daily basis. It is pervasive, disheartening, and dangerous.

At the end of the article when the female victim says that she could “feel the intention” coming from the gun-toting manager, I felt that. You can’t be a black person living in the U.S. and not have at least one experience where the hatred of someone who doesn’t look like you, is aimed directly at you. Maliciously. And usually completely unprovoked. Anyone who is offended by this post should probably be asking themselves why that is. Seriously. Anywho, check out the link. #LivingWhileBlack

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  1. It’s sad, but all one needs to do is look at the Black criminality rates and their propensity for escalating confrontations with Whites that they think they can overpower or bully to understand why many take immediate defensive actions.


    1. Thanks for responding, Jonolan. My burning question in response to this article and the whole #LivingWhileBlack epidemic is why do certain groups feel so threatened by black people? If we are such an inferior race then where does all of the vitriolic behavior come from? It’s insane.


      1. To begin with, “inferior” is very subjective in context, scope, and opinion. And I don’t think that it plays as much a part in things as you’d like to believe.

        As for the feeling threatened:

        50% of violent crime in America is committed by Blacks (40% by Black males, 10% by Black women)… but most White people are too ignorant of facts to know 90% of it is committed upon other Blacks (approx. same intra-racial crime statistics as Whites)

        #BlackLivesMatter, Sharpton, and plenty of other things has shown people that Blacks will quickly escalate situations and have no issue with rioting or, at the very least, pushing the boundaries of “peaceful” protest.

        Then there’s the presentation issue – which probably doesn’t apply in the specific incident you cited. Too many Blacks dress “street” and the average White – and plenty of Blacks to, sadly and sometimes to their harm – can’t tell the difference between “street” and gang colors / uniforms. And, of course, they also ignorantly think that gangbangers just go around attacking people for shits and grins instead of it being part of a business for them.

        Face it, clothes do make the man. I’m White, Southern by birth, and you’d make snap judgements – probably negative and fear-based – if you saw me back in the day in my jeans, plaid shirts over t’s or wifebeaters, and my shitkickers.

        And the insurmountable issue: You’all be scary looking. I’d say that jokingly but science supports the claim that the simple facial structures and contrast between skin and eyes an teeth of Blacks causes a stronger fight or flight response – in all races, including Blacks.


      2. Black on black crime, responses (appropriate or otherwise) to centuries of systemic racism and subjugation, and style of clothing have no bearing at all on the article that I provided. Nor do these items play a part in the numerous instances of absurd and incredulous behavior demonstrated toward black people in the #LivingWhileBlack incidents that have been reported. And your last comment regarding the physical features of African-Americans causing a fight or flight response in all races…well. God bless you.

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    1. It is sad and so unnecessary. Each time that I’ve traveled abroad, I’ve felt completely at ease and lighter because my race has not been an issue. I was just Mya. It’s an odd realization to have as a human being. Thank you for responding. Many are too afraid to say anything when we talk about sensitive topics and it’s refreshing to find people who are brave enough to do so.


  2. This episode appalls me. I went to the gun toting grandma’s facebook page when this story first broke and and saw she posts a lot about loving both Jesus, and the confederate flag. I noticed her facebook friends include a town police chief, (who has a post stating “Blue Lives Matter,” re: blue police uniforms) two local pastors are her facebook friends (do they also love the confederate flag?), and several nurses. I wonder why these folks haven’t learned about Love your Neighbor in church. Doing this to a veteran on veterans day. It defies belief. I thought this sort of bigoted, violent, ignorance was a thing of the past.

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    1. Funny that you posted this as I saw a quote yesterday about not allowing people who are in the church but not OF the church prevent you from worshipping, or something to that effect. They were blessed that the situation didn’t end badly…


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