Affirmations: Talk Nice to Yourself

An affirmation is a statement or declaration of something, or better yet, of yourself. I’ve been speaking affirmations into my life for years, standing in front of the mirror and saying things like, “You are somebody, cause’ God don’t make no junk!” Or, “I am beautifully made.” Or, one of my personal favorites is, “I will show myself as much love as I have shown others.” They may sound a little kitschy, but saying them aloud to my reflection actually does something powerful for my mood during the day. It’s a daily, vocal reminder to myself that I am capable of handling whatever comes my way, with as much grace as possible.

You see affirmations posted all over Pinterest and the internet and probably skim over them quickly, if you choose to read them at all, but they are effective and a great tool to improve the way in which you talk to yourself. I would also like to point out that they are only as effective as you believe them to be. After all, speaking things into existence does require some effort and faith on your part.

When I wake up in a foul mood or feeling a little blah, I still say them aloud to shift the energy and work on creating the kind of space that I choose to be in for the remainder of the day. I am responsible for my attitude, regardless of what is going on inside or outside of my control; and if standing in front of the mirror talking nice to myself helps set the tone for the day, then kitschy-campy it is.

How are you setting the tone for your day?

One thought

  1. This is now my favourite:
    “You are somebody, cause’ God don’t make no junk!”
    by Mya Taylor, haha. ❤
    I haven't done work with affirmations. I like to collect them on Pinterest (indeed) but it's like you said, sometimes I just read them, find them inspiring but that's it, no more work on it… Thankful for this reminder 😉

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