A Love Letter for my Mother

Saturday, August 17, 2019


I can’t believe that 8 days from now you will have graced this earth for 80 years. 80 earthly years!!! That is absolutely bananasandblessings all wrapped up into one nice package. Crazy and comforting to say aloud, mirroring our relationship more than anyone knows.

You had no idea 48 years ago (when you decided to adopt a baby) that you were in for the ride of your life. Legit.

In my head, I imagine God kicking his feet up on a desk, smirking, making the executive decision to see what you were really “workin’ with.” Testing your faith, patience, human limits, and love to otherwordly boundaries. He DID that…

You instilled lessons that I rebelled against for years and only realize the true value of—now.

You’ve comforted me during disappointments, betrayals, crappy supervisors, soul-sucking jobs, and bad relationships.

You encouraged me to tap dance, enjoy ballet, love gymnastics, relish cheerleading, practice my clarinet and that dreaded piano. Seriously hated that thing.

You’ve consistently supported my love of reading books and writing and I’m sure you were confused when I just stopped writing.

You put me on a teeny-tiny Cessna(?) plane at 12 years old and allowed Mr. and Mrs. King to fly me and Kristi to their hotel on Harbour Island. While we’d always traveled as a family, you have NO idea how much of an impact that made on your impressionable, free-spirited daughter. Mah, you had NO idea if Mr. King was a safe pilot or not, but you trusted them as a family and you were right. I can’t imagine how nerve wrecking that must’ve been but I’m so grateful that you took the risk…

You’ve demonstrated that family always comes first and hosted annual Christmas parties in our home—- and countless other gatherings, packing the house to capacity. Laughter, endless chatter, glasses and empty plates and bodies filling every nook and cranny. Nothing but good vibes when all of us were together and you already know that NO ONE can touch your dressing!

You’ve loved and spoiled my beautiful children better than any grandmother ever could and always support whatever endeavor they pursue. I’m unabashedly passing that same energy on to Jaxon.

We’ve argued, ignored, misunderstood, challenged, cried, laughed, cussed, prayed, and loved in ‘our’ space for years. Forty-eight to be exact.

God wanted to see what you were “workin’ with” and you’ve done an excellent job showing him.

And me.

More than anyone, you’ve shown me how to keep showing up and living as authentically as possible. That quitting is never an option (only little breaks), and that anything I put before the lord, he has already handled for me.

He chose me for you.

and you for me.

And I’m so grateful.

Love you,

Sweet Mya 🌹🌹🌹

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