What Does the M.a.d. in “Musings of a M.a.d.woman” Mean? It’s not What You Think…

In all honesty, I’ve had the name Musings of a M.a.d.woman bouncing around in my head for YEARS. True story. I did not randomly create the name or see it anywhere else and decide to make it my own; I simply didn’t know what it meant. Or why it kept coming up. This year, I realized that it was fitting for most of my more personal (but not really personal if I’m sharing with you all) online entries and I wanted to share how it’s significant on this journey you’ve decided to travel with me.

M.a.d. spells mad, but it doesn’t mean mad (angry) or mad (detached from logic or reality).

M.a.d. means Manifesting Absolute Destiny.

Seems fitting, though I have to admit that it freaked me out when I learned what the acronym stood for because I was awakened from my sleep and had to write it down. I still didn’t understand though.

And I’m still leaning into it.



And prayerfully.

That’s my bit, so don’t say I’ve never given you anything!


A Resilient Woman Manifesting Absolute Destiny πŸ™‚

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